Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Projector: Double Down Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATED UPDATE: The studios seriously padded their estimates as the actuals revealed 22 Jump Street dropped some $3M, one of the larger overestimates I can recall. How to Train Your Dragon 2 was down as well though just $500K. And sky-falling more steeply than first reported, The Fault in Our Stars officially plummeted an astronomical -69%.

1. 22 Jump Street $57M
2. How to Train Your Dragon 2 $49.5M
3. Maleficent $18.5M
4. Edge of Tomorrow $16.5M
5. The Fault in Our Stars $14.8M


Sunday UPDATE: While not quite as bullish a weekend as predicted, 22 Jump Street still managed the second-biggest debut by a comedy since The Hangover Part II, scoring $60M from an audience that was crazy-diverse, the only demo not in the seats: kiddos. The pic said kiddos were supposed to pick, How to Train Your Dragon 2, came in on the low end of expectations with $50M, just $7M more than the original bowed to and some $32M less than Monsters University did roughly the same time last year. While it's very early on, DreamWorks Animation can ill afford another tepidly-received flick following Mr. Peabody & Sherman and Turbo. The rest of the top five saw Maleficent and Edge of Tomorrow hold well for their third and second weekends respectively, while The Fault in Our Stars fell an unsurprisingly-huge -67%.

1. 22 Jump Street $60M
2. How to Train Your Dragon 2 $50M
3. Maleficent $19M
4. Edge of Tomorrow $16.2M
5. The Fault in Our Stars $15.7M

We're doubling down. Not since Monsters University and World War Z has Hollywood scored two $60M+ debuts in the same weekend until now. With 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2, the cineplex will be slammed this weekend, serving both adults and kids, both soar in with positively bonkers buzz. Having seen the former, I can attest to its hilarity — the end-credits scene alone is yet another stroke of genius from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the blisteringly-hot directorial duo behind my favorite film of 2014 thus far, The Lego Movie. Combine 22 with Dragon and we could see $150M between the two sequels come Sunday.
  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2 $71M (↑) - First major-studio animated pic since Rio 2 in April, bullseye timing with school coming to an end.
  2. 22 Jump Street $70M (↑) - Wouldn't be altogether shocked to see Jonah & Channing take title of "biggest comedic opening ever" from The Hangover Part II with an assist from Ice Cube, fresh from the uber-profitable Ride Along.
  3. Maleficent $17.25M - Third-weekend drop depends on how high Dragon flies.
  4. The Fault in Our Stars $17M - In a summer of front-loaded films, will contend for biggest sophomore drop.
  5. Edge of Tomorrow $13.75M - Hey, at least there's the half-decent international BO.
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