Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Projector: Murderous Mirror Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATED UPDATE: How 'bout it, the actuals reveal we essentially nailed Rio 2 and Noah floated up a spot. Now about this week's Transcendence, Mr. Depp has reason to be trepadacious — yes, that's a legit word 'round here. More Thursday.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.3M
2. Rio 2 $39.3M
3. Oculus $12M
4. Draft Day $9.8M
5. Noah $7.6M


Sunday UPDATE: Sorta scary. When you factor in its $5M budget, Oculus' $12M debut was fairly decent though 2014's string of underwhelming performances by things spooky – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and Devil's Due – spooks on. At the top of the charts, Captain America took the typical – substantial – sophomore tumble, the shield-wielding superhero dropping -56% yet upping his worldwide total to a whopping $476M. Right behind, Rio 2 matched its predecessor's IPO, unable to push past the $40M plateau — a mark that has proven elusive this year to all family flicks not titled: The Lego Movie. As for Kevin Costner, the 59-year-old's comeback tour as the headline act continues to sputter as Draft Day performed like a seventh-round pick, even with a promo blitz that began back at the Super Bowl. And what in the heck happened to The Raid 2? Online buzz didn't translate to ticket sales, the electrifyingly-sensational sequel managed just $1M from a shade under 1,000 locales, a paltry PTA of $1K.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.4M
2. Rio 2 $39M
3. Oculus $12M
4. Draft Day $9.8M
5. Divergent $7.5M


Scares are super tough to forecast. Anyone – aside from yours truly – who attempted to handicap The Purge can attest to the fact. For every overachiever – Mama comes to mind – there's an underachiever – I'm looking at you, You're Next – that makes prognosticating the things a rather inexact science. Which brings us to Oculus, the micro-budgeted, murderous-mirror flick that happens to be a slickly-assembled, smart-bordering-on-heady frightfest. If word of its shockingly-solid construction gets out, the WWE co-produced project could sneak into the low $20Ms this weekend. Just don't bet on it — or maybe you should.
  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $43.75M - Wins second-straight weekend though suffers predictably-substantial sophomore plunge.
  2. Rio 2 $39.5M (↓) - Woefully-uninspired sequel survives on goodwill built by 2011 original, expect a similar – if marginally better – bow than last fall's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.
  3. Oculus $14.5M (↑) - Did I mention all bets were off?
  4. Draft Day $11.5M (↓) - If this were an actual draftee, would be a third-day selection at best.
  5. Noah $8.25M - Sunk in its second frame, though should flood $200M worldwide by Sunday.
Also: The Raid 2 expands to nearly 1K locales, the brutally-violent, electrifyingly-kinetic sequel already owns a slot on our best of 2014 and should KO a killer PTA.

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