Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Projector: Wacky Race Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: Actuals are in, the boy and his spectacle-sporting dog finished up, Tyler Perry sunk further down.

1. Mr. Peabody & Sherman $21.8M
2. 300: Rise of an Empire $19.2M
3. Need For Speed $17.8M
4. Non-Stop $10.6M
5. Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club $8.1M


Sunday UPDATE: It wasn't quite the star-making vehicle Aaron Paul expected it to be. More Buick than Bugatti, Need For Speed rolled off the assembly line outfitted with a 4-cylinder engine, sputtering to a $17.8M debut stateside, well off DreamWorks' designs of $30M or more. It's not a total lemon as the racing absurdity drove off with $45.6M overseas, $21.2M of that sum from China. Unleashed on the top spot, Mr. Peabody & Sherman eased a respectable -34%, raising it's two-week total to $63.2M, some $25M less than The Croods had pocketed in the same time frame one year ago. The weekend's other notables: The Single Mom's Club became Tyler Perry's first film to bow to <$10M and reservations for The Grand Budapest Hotel were completely booked, the Wes Anderson quirkathon banked $3.6M from just 66 locales, AKA a gargantuan – astonishing – $55K average.

1. Mr. Peabody & Sherman $21.2M
2. 300: Rise of an Empire $19.1M
3. Need For Speed $17.8M
4. Non-Stop $10.6M
5. Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club $8.3M


Aaron Paul's not a leading man. Just one of the 4,786 things odiously wrong with Need For Speed, the laughably-ludicrous video game-turned-movie which gets its release this weekend after a no-holds-barred promotional barrage by its studio duo: DreamWorks and Disney. As nonsensical – fantastically-implausible – as storytelling gets, Need For Speed will still likely be lapped up by its target audience, Xbox-obsessed dudes who are used to disengaging their brains for extended periods of time.
  1. Need For Speed $21.5M (↓) - Paul and his agents are praying this was the right move, could backfire in a very, very big way.
  2. Mr. Peabody & Sherman $21M - Opened better than Turbo and Planes but zero other recent major studio animated offerings.
  3. 300: Rise of an Empire $19.75M - Posted second-largest debut of 2014, staying power could further dent NFS's bow.
  4. Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club $16M (↑) - Opening on <2,000 screens limits Tyler's take.
  5. Non-Stop $8.75M - Held better than expected (-45%) in its second frame.