Friday, February 7, 2014

The Projector: Brick Blockbuster Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: +80% confirmed. That eye-popping Friday-to-Saturday surge for The Lego Movie is by my recollection, one of – if not the – largest one-day bump ever recorded. Yes, word of mouth is off the charts for the plastic blocks as a diminutive weekend-to-weekend drop is a proverbial lead-pipe lock.

1. The Lego Movie $69.1M
2. The Monuments Men $22M
3. Ride Along $9.6M
4. Frozen $6.9M
5. Lone Survivor $5.6M

Sunday UPDATE: Franchise assembled. As nailed here Friday, The Lego Movie proved to be 2014's first blockbuster, banking $69.1M, the second-largest February debut ever. The most mind-boggling stat built by the bricks? An 81% surge from Friday to Saturday, the largest day-to-day jump we can recall — ever. That's how Superman-strong word of mouth affects sales as these plastic blocks could go on a lengthy win streak depending on how well received a pair of remakes – Robocop and About Last Night – are next weekend. As for George Clooney's tonal train wreck, The Monuments Men, the WWII dramedy did decent business on the back of the 35+ crowd who chose to ignore its wretched reviews.

1. The Lego Movie $69.1M
2. The Monuments Men $22.7M
3. Ride Along $9.4M
4. Frozen $6.9M
5. That Awkward Moment $5.5M

99%. Discounting a single soulless critic's incompetence, let's round that to 100%. Uber-deserving of that crazy-high Tomatometer score, The Lego Movie is set to fittingly become 2014's first "block"-buster this weekend, a project of prodigious imagination, producing soda-spitting laughter — it's already locked down a spot on my list of the top films of 2014. With an A – likely A+ – CinemaScore assured, word of mouth will help key a massive windfall for the minifigs, ensnaring both families and fanboys in equal numbers, looking to post the second-largest opening ever for February — yes, I'm quite bullish on the plastic bricks.

1. The Lego Movie $71.5M (↑) - Another fortuitous sign: trending bigger than Despicable Me 2, Monsters University and Frozen in advance ticket sales on Fandango.
2. The Monuments Men $13.5M (↔) - There's a good reason George Clooney's World War II dramedy was moved from December to February, away from Oscar consideration: it's a tonal train wreck.
3. Ride Along $7.5M - Plows through the $100M mark this weekend.
4. Frozen $6.5M - Sing-along version keeps Elsa the Snow Queen kicking in her now third month in theaters.
5. Vampire Academy $6M (↓) - Give the folks at Weinstein an A for effort: "They suck at school" is a rather catchy tagline.