Friday, January 24, 2014

The Projector: Wintry Wasteland Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: A little love please. Aside from that freak show, I, Frankenstein, we nailed the weekend box office within $200K or less across the board. Heads up Vegas, we are en fuego — at the moment.

1. Ride Along $21.3M
2. Lone Survivor $12.9M
3. The Nut Job $12.1M
4. Frozen $9.1M
5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $9M
6. I, Frankenstein $8.6M

Sunday UPDATE: Torched. The 2013 2014 cinematic version of Mary Shelley's monster was dealt the same fiery fate as the freak show in the 1931 rendition — 'twas burnt to cinders. The $65M delayed-a-year-while-being-converted-to-3D schockfest was flambĂ©ed at the box office, banking an atrocious $8.3M, a figure that will undoubtedly fall with Monday's actuals. Kevin and Cube took the top slot for a second straight weekend as Ride Along dropped a respectable 49% for a total bank of $75M through its first two weekends.

1. Ride Along $21.2M
2. Lone Survivor $12.6M
3. The Nut Job $12.3M
4. Frozen $9M
5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $8.8M
6. I, Frankenstein $8.3M

A wintry wasteland it is. With the bone-rattling cold bearing down on the majority of our fair nation, Hollywood serves up one newbie, an action-fantasy-horror schlocktacular that will likely have something to say come Razzie time: I, Frankenstein. While I truly appreciate Aaron Eckhart's commitment to role with his uber-shredded physique, the now 45-year-old needs to start seeking out the kind of projects that put him on the map (see: Thank You for Smoking) instead of this refuse. You're better than this Harvey Dent.

1. Ride Along $21.5M - Smashed expectations in its debut frame, grade A CinemaScore should make its sophomore drop less steep than the standard -50%.
2. I, Frankenstein $14.25M (↑) - 3D/IMAX helps, riotous trailer hurts.
3. Lone Survivor $13M - $80M and counting for the nominated-for-two-Oscars war drama.
4. The Nut Job $12M - Assembled in Korea for pennies on the dollar, the animated tale of vermin stealing nuts from the mafia became Open Road's second-largest opening ever.
5. Frozen $9.25M - The marketing maestros at Disney unleash the sing-along version next Friday to crush even more cash — $750M and counting worldwide.