Friday, January 31, 2014

The Projector: Straight to Starz Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: Everything down roughly $300K with the actuals, the Super Bowl – the most-watched TV event ever – responsible for taking Sunday night out of play.

1. Ride Along $12M
2. Frozen $8.9M
3. That Awkward Moment $8.7M
4. The Nut Job $7.3M
5. Lone Survivor $7.1M
6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $5.3M
7. Labor Day $5.2M

Sunday UPDATE: Sell. My sage advice for Zac Efron stockholders after the oafish opening of his That Awkward Moment, finishing on the low end of expectations with a middling $9M. Kevin and Cube drove off with their third-straight title, dropping just 42% if Universal's estimate holds up. The weekend's other newbie, Labor Day, netted director Jason Reitman his worst ever per-theater average. Next weekend, it's all about The Lego Movie, 2014's first boffo blockbuster.

1. Ride Along $12.3M
2. Frozen $9.3M
3. That Awkward Moment $9M
4. The Nut Job $7.6M
5. Lone Survivor $7.2M
6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $5.4M
7. Labor Day $5.3M


Booor-ing. Forgive me for mailing this one in but clearly that's what Hollywood has chosen to do, staring in the face of the Super Bowl, supplying the already humdrum marketplace with two straight-to-Starz newbies in That Awkward Moment and Labor Day. The former sees Zac Efron partnered with two actors who have much bigger things ahead of them – Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) and Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) – than the former HSM'er. The latter has Jason Reitman dropping satirical comedy in favor of sappy drama in Labor Day, a movie that eroticizes the act of making a peach pie. 'Tis a half-baked weekend indeed.

1. That Awkward Moment $14.5M (↓) - Young crowd had been awfully fickle of late, is Efron a box office draw? $8M budget allays any serious financial fears for Focus.
2. Frozen $10.5M (↑) - Mouse House extends the already crazy-long shelf life of Princess Elsa and her snowy kingdom with a sing along rendition in 2K theaters.
3. Ride Along $10.25M - Super Bowl delivers Sunday hit as Kevin and Cube creep closer to $100M stateside.
4. Lone Survivor $7.25M - Will hit the $100M domestic mark this weekend.
5. The Nut Job $6.75M - Takes shot to its nuts from resurgent Frozen.
6. Labor Day $6.5M (↔) - The once Oscar wannabe looks to prey on desperate females.