Friday, January 10, 2014

The Projector: Marky Mark Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: The actuals are in, with Hercules leapfrogging Wolf for third.

1. Lone Survivor $37.8M
2. Frozen $14.7M
3. The Legend of Hercules $8.9M
4. The Wolf of Wall Street $8.8M
5. American Hustle $8.3M

Sunday UPDATE: Smashing expectations by some $10M, Lone Survivor took the title this weekend, scoring a perfect A+ CinemaScore and handing Mark Wahlberg his biggest opening since Ted. The multiplex's other newbie, The Legend of Hercules, was a bust for Summit considering its $70M budget. As for Her, moviegoers had more interest in another Oscar hopeful, with August: Osage County banking $2M more than Spike Jonze's techno lovefest in half the theaters.

1. Lone Survivor $38.5M
2. Frozen $15.1M
3. The Wolf of Wall Street $9M
4. The Legend of Hercules $8.6M
4. (tie) American Hustle $8.6M

War is hell. For everyone but Hollywood. Tinseltown's obsession with really big guns is on full display once again this weekend with the arrival of Lone Survivor, Peter Berg's cinematic adaptation of the 2007 bestseller, starring none other than the hardest working man in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg. Between producing umpteen projects and popping up in seemingly every third film unfurled at the multiplex, Marky Mark is a busy dude, though none of his three 2013 offerings – Broken City, Pain & Gain and 2 Guns – performed at "smash hit" level. Expect the same for Lone Survivor.

1. Lone Survivor $27M (↔) – Hopes to have the same kind of fiscal success Zero Dark Thirty enjoyed exactly one year ago.
2. Frozen $15.5M – Breaking all laws of filmdom by continuing to post puny week-to-week drops, a true sensation with over $300M stateside.
3. The Legend of Hercules $12.25M (↑) – Boom or bust offering, betting it outperforms low expectations thanks to younger set.
4. The Wolf of Wall Street $10M – Leo's still getting plenty of buzz as he heads to the Golden Globes looking to score a much – much – deserved trophy.
5. American Hustle $8.5M  – Could end up one of the big winners Sunday night at the Globes.
6. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $8.3M – Bilbo's still doing bank, $760M worldwide to date.
7. Her $8M – Spike Jonze's high-waisted love story loosens its belt with an expansion to 1,700+ screens.