Friday, January 17, 2014

The Projector: Free For All Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: How 'bout it, Ride Along actually went up $400K with Monday's actuals but poor little Jack Ryan dropped nearly $2M, as the CIA operative's return can be classified as underwhelming at best, franchise-killing at worst.

1. Ride Along $41.6M
2. Lone Survivor $22.1M
3. The Nut Job $19.4M
4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $15.6M
5. Frozen $11.9M
6. American Hustle $9.9M
7. Devil's Due $8.4M

Sunday UPDATE: Record smashed. Cloverfield got kicked to the curb by Kevin Hart and Ice Cube over the weekend as Ride Along drove off with a new January record, putting the pedal to the metal with its $41.2M debut. So where did all that cash come from? Females took up more than half (57%) the seats, with African American and Hispanic audiences accounting for 80% of total tickets sold. Other newbies included an outperforming The Nut Job and a tepid Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, whatever plans Paramount had for restarting that franchise appear to be stalled out.

1. Ride Along $41.2M
2. Lone Survivor $23.2M
3. The Nut Job $20.6M
4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $17.2M
5. Frozen $12M
6. American Hustle $10.6M
7. Devil's Due $8.5M

Now this is a free for all. With four new releases and one strong holdover, this is one of those January wild card weekends where you could easily see my number two – or even, three – film pop to the top as gauging interest in any of the newbies is an inexact science at best. Being a holiday weekend only adds to the chaos as we are also set for a couple of really, really big football games on Sunday. With that in mind, these are my "best guesses".

(All 3-day sums)

1. Ride Along $30M (↓) – Kevin Hart's coming out party; can the comedian carry a feature that doesn't have him standing on stage with a mic?
2. Lone Survivor $24.75M – A+ CinemaScore portends a strong hold for Peter Berg's highly-watchable war drama.
3. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $17.5M (↔) – When is Chris Pine going to cement his status as a true box office draw? The staying power of Lone Survivor doesn't help things here.
4. The Nut Job $15M (↔) – Subpar animated offering serves as a placeholder until The Lego Movie crushes hellacious cash.
5. Devil's Due $13M (↑) – Shaky-cam horror returns just weeks after the underperforming Paranormal Activity offshoot.
6. Frozen $10M – If I'm forced to endure "Let It Go" one more time...