Friday, November 29, 2013

The Projector: Extended Remix Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: No major discrepancies between the estimates and Monday's actuals as Catching Fire will cross the $300M domestic mark Tuesday.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $74.2M ($110M 5-day)
2. Frozen $67.4M ($94M 5-day)
3. Thor: The Dark World $11M
4. The Best Man Holiday $8.2M
5. Homefront $6.9M
6. Delivery Man $6.8M

Sunday UPDATE: Records torched. In the biggest Turkey Day weekend ever, both Catching Fire and Frozen set new records, smashing the previous marks for both largest 3-day and 5-day takes over the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $74.5M ($110.1M 5-day)
2. Frozen $66.7M ($93M 5-day)
3. Thor: The Dark World $11.1M
4. The Best Man Holiday $8.5M
5. Homefront $6.9M
6. Delivery Man $6.9M

Another turkey day, another YA book-turned-blockbuster taking home the title. After successive Thanksgivings of Twilight domination, Katniss and her band of Mockingjay insurgents seize control of the multiplex for a second-straight weekend, taking the typical sophomore tumble, though not nearly as precipitous as the plunge taken by those oh-so-pretty vampires and werewolves.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $72M ($105M 5-day) – More widespread appeal than any of the Twilight movies helps Katniss continue to crush serious cash.
2. Frozen $61M ($86M 5-day) – Take Tangled, add one talking snowman, own family market through the holidays.
3. Thor: The Dark World $9.25M – Winding down its run with $550M+ worldwide.
4. Homefront $8M – Yet another generic Jason Statham actioner has arrived.
5. The Best Man Holiday $8M – Steeper drop (-59%) than expected in its second weekend.
6. Delivery Man $7.25M – Vince Vaughn's days of $15M paychecks are numbered after this turkey.