Friday, August 16, 2013

The Projector: Close Call Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: The Oprah effect remains puissant. Returning to the big screen in her first substantive role since the second Clinton administration, The Butler (I refuse to add Lee Daniels to that) reaped the benefits of the Oprah glow, taking the top spot with a strong $25M debut. That number right in line with 2011's The Help, a similarly-themed smash that banked $169.7M stateside and scored four Oscar nominations to boot. While The Butler will have a tough time matching the former of those two, wouldn't be shocked to see Daniels' civil rights drama top the latter total come March. As for its supposed sparring partner for the crown, Kick-Ass 2 suffered a hellacious beatdown, moviegoers wisely putting the boots to the cop-killing vulgarity. How about We're the Millers? The Jen Aniston/Jason Sudeikis raunchedy had one of the strongest holds of the year (-33%) in second. And to the surprise of no one, Jobs went quietly and Paranoia tanked.

1. The Butler $25M
2. We're the Millers $17.8M
3. Elysium $13.6M
4. Kick-Ass 2 $13.6M
5. Planes $13.1M
– Jobs $6.7M
– Paranoia $3.5M

Spandex-clad superheroes versus a self-made server. That's the battle at the box office this weekend with Kick-Ass 2 taking on The Butler in a clash of wildly dissimilar flicks — like you needed me to inform you of that. Fanboys will flock to the former, a more learned crowd to the latter as adults begin claiming seats at the cineplex as we're taking the sickening sequel to win by a skosh.

1. Kick-Ass 2 $22M (↔) - Anything under $20M – what the 2010 original banked in its opening frame – will be a disappointment for Universal.
2. The Butler $21.5M (↑) - Oprah's involvement = priceless.
3. We're the Millers $16M - Strong hold for Jen & Jason's road-trip raunchfest.
4. Elysium $13M - 60%+ drop could be in the cards.
5. Planes $13M - Has the family market to itself.
6. Jobs $9M (↔) - The parallel Apple product: Pippin.
7. Paranoia $5M (↓) - Featured attraction at your local cardio theater this fall.