Friday, August 30, 2013

The Projector: Brit Boy Band Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE UPDATE: One Direction got served by The Butler after all. In a financial free fall since its initial Friday pop, the 1D blokes dropped to second behind the early Oscar front-runner in the 4-day rake.

1. The Butler $20M
2. One Direction: This Is Us $18M
3. We're the Millers $15.9M
4. Planes $10.7M
5. Instructions Not Included $10M

Sunday UPDATE: Those One Direction heartthrobs won the 3-day box office battle but could lose the Labor Day war to The Butler, which had another ridiculous hold, down a diminutive 11%. Instructions Not Included – playing in all of 347 theaters – became the biggest Spanish-language debut ever, with an über-rare A+ Cinemascore to boot. And Getaway tanked in spectacular fashion, denting Ethan Hawke's rousingly-resurrectional 2013.

1. One Direction: This Is Us $17M ($20M 4-day estimate)
2. The Butler $14.7M ($19.5M 4-day estimate)
3. We're the Millers $12.6M
4. Planes $7.8M
5. Instructions Not Included $7.5M
Getaway $4.5M

Seeing as we're on vacay this week, pithy with the projections. The One Direction lads win in a landslide with The Butler staying strong in second as it's a wrap for summer 2013.

(All 4-day projections)

1. One Direction: This Is Us $25.5M
2. The Butler $14.75M
3. We're the Millers $13M
4. Getaway $10M
5. Planes $7.75M