Friday, June 21, 2013

The Projector: Zombie Apocalypse Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: Mike and Sulley put their boots to Brad Pitt this weekend, but it wasn't quite as severe a beatdown as expected. Monsters University scared up the fourth biggest opening for an animated flick with $82M, hammering demos from families to teens and everything in-between. But Pitt's zombie snoozefest epic, World War Z, managed to beat the street with a much-stronger-than-expected $66M bow. And look out below, Man of Steel crashed to Earth with a 65% drop in Superman's sophomore frame.

1. Monsters University $82M 
2. World War Z $66M
3. Man of Steel $41.2M 
4. This Is the End $13M 
5. Now You See Me $7.8M

Apologies in advance for the abbreviated entry this weekend, as I’m quick-typing it up at Logan International, about to board a jet for jolly ol’ Ireland. While I can’t recall if the zombie plaque ravaged the Emerald Isle in World War Zzzzz, I can say with confidence that Paramount’s sweating their $250M+ wholly-unoriginal concoction, praying it doesn’t bite it at the box office. Anything north of $50M will be considered a mild success, anything south of $40M, an unmitigated disaster. And oh yeah, Monsters University’s freshman frame is going to be monstrous.
  1. Monsters University $73M (↑)
  2. Man of Steel $51M
  3. World War Z $47.5M (↑)
  4. This Is the End $12.5M
  5. Now You See Me $6.5M