Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Projector: Irish Expedition Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: Gerard Butler > Channing Tatum + Jamie Foxx. That just-proven-if-rather-myopic Hollywood truism is this weekend's big takeaway as the second of 2013's "the Oval Office's done been taken over" pics, White House Down, opened some $5M lower than the first, Olympus Has Fallen. The $150M actioner becomes Sony's second summer tank job in the process (After Earth), though it's not necessarily a referendum on Tatum or Foxx, but rather a case of "been there done that" — a scant three months prior. Sandy and Melissa's The Heat debuted in second with $40M, the biggest opening in Bullock's career and $6M more than McCarthy's smash Identity Thief. But Mike and Sulley took the title for a second straight weekend as Monsters University took in another $46M, the Pixar sequel has already banked $300M worldwide ahead of Wednesday's Despicable Me 2, which raked $41.5M in its seven-country overseas bow.

1. Monsters University $46.2M 
2. The Heat $40M
3. World War Z $29.8M 
4. White House Down $25.7M
5. Man of Steel $20.8M

Cranking out this week's crib sheet in Ireland, as I wrap up a glorious holiday fearing death is lurking around every bend of these godforsaken "roads" touring the countryside, taking in the endless sea of jaw-dropping vistas. Wild card weekend in the states, as Sandy Bullock and the female reincarnation of Chris Farley, Melissa McCarthy, team up in Lethal Weapon Rush Hour Turner & Hooch The Heat, an XX buddy cop flick that could kill it, or conversely, get killed. Betting the former as the Boston-shot laugher (allegedly) will give Olympus Has Fallen White House Down a serious run for second behind a still-strong Monsters University.
  1. Monsters University $43M 
  2. White House Down $40.5M (↔)
  3. The Heat $38.5M (↔)
  4. World War Z $29M 
  5. Man of Steel $19.5M