Thursday, June 6, 2013

Corporation Crashers

The Internship       Final Cut Score: 84%

It's the most insightful "inside Google" ditty The Internship doles out: When the 8,000,000-pound, search-engine gorilla is deadlocked on a personnel decision, with the candidates considered to be of equal intellectual standing, the tiebreaker goes to the guy you'd rather be stuck with for six hours inside an airport bar.

Fortunately for The Internship, it features a pair of dudes who'd dropkick Gandhi and Elvis to the curb in that clash. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's cinematic reunion renders the Google-glorifying, Revenge of the Nerds ripoff irresistibly likable — make that +1-able.

The Wedding Crashers are back together eight years on, swapping their divorce mediator roles for those of just-axed watch salesmen, ludicrously accepted into Google's internship program after BSing their way through the mind-mangling, "you've been shrunken to the size of a nickel and placed in a blender" interview process.

Teamed with a gaggle of geeks, the floundering forty-somethings vie for paying gigs with the $860-per-share company — nap pods to the winner. The competition amongst the social misfits mirrors the Tri-Lambs epic 1984 tilt with the Alpha Betas for control of Adams College's Greek Council, right down to the contest-closing concert — Vaughn's fascination with Flashdance fully unleashed.

Vaughn's script (co-penned by Jared Stern) while largely funny, isn't remotely original. Given the environs, it's a forgivable grievance. There's something undeniably appealing about watching fictional characters wander around the actual grounds of one of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

Director Shawn Levy (Date Night) stays out of the way, allowing Vaughn and Wilson to preform their schticks — a less-puffy Vaughn with his manically-delivered diatribes (which have somehow managed to stay hilarious) and Wilson with his charming aw-shucks, man-puppy routine.

Sure, The Internship is one, big ol' Google infomercial and runs a minimum twenty minutes too long, but there are much worse places to be stuck than GOOG's Disneyland-esque campus with Vaughn and Wilson. Consider it a comedic layover with a couple of affable cats to keep you company.

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