Friday, May 17, 2013

The Projector: Warp Speed Ahead Version UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: Someone get Paramount's PR department on the phone, they have some spinning to do. The Enterprise's warp-speed switch suffered a major malfunction opening weekend as Star Trek Into Darkness left a minimum $20M on the table, massively missing expectations with a 3-day take of $70.5M — $5M less than its 2009 non-3D predecessor (I'm betting Monday's actual figure is even lower). Some additional perspective as to how disastrous this was: Iron Man 3 deposited a similar sum on its opening day ($68M). Buzz was clearly missing, and attempts to bolster the box office with cross-promoting partners: Microsoft, Mazda, Budweiser and ESPN (those bizarre Stephen A. Smith spots) fell flat as fanboys seemed to be the only folks truly stoked for another J.J. Abrams' lens-flare barrage. Its release just two weeks after the monstrous IM3 clearly didn't help things, the action audience is sated for the time being and will remain so until Man of Steel flies into theaters in three weeks. Trust me, we won't be discussing any such issues with Superman's return.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness $70.5M ($84M 4-day total)
2. Iron Man 3 $35.2M
3. The Great Gatsby $23.4M
4. Pain & Gain $3.1M
5. The Croods $2.7M

A big thanks to Paramount for dishing me an assist towards my Projector prognostication efforts this weekend. Though the mountain-logoed studio has no earthly clue how to schedule a screening was so very kind to screen – and open – Star Trek Into Darkness late Wednesday night, it tipped its hand ever so slightly as to where the Enterprise should soar on the monetary side of things. While it won't touch the stratospheric fiscal levels of Iron Man 3, the J.J. Abrams-helmed actioner should top $100M in its first four days.
  1. Star Trek Into Darkness $85M ($105M 4-day total) - Abrams litters the screen with blinding lens flares once again in the sequel to his 2009 franchise reboot. Should have a solid run ahead of the next sci-fi offering, Will Smith's After Earth, though that one has colossal flop written all over it.
  2. Iron Man 3 $30M - Tony Stark and his shiny, repulsor-palmed suit just passed the $1B mark worldwide, the first of the series to reach that rarefied air.
  3. The Great Gatsby $29M - After a $50M debut, there's nothing in the marketplace to challenge Baz Luhrmann's opulent adaptation from a hefty hold in its sophomore stanza. Counterprogramming platinum for Warner Bros. — women occupied 60% of the seats opening weekend.
  4. Pain & Gain $3M - Has yet to cross the $50M mark. Second consecutive lackluster outing for Mark Wahlberg , though nowhere near as radiational as Broken City.
  5. 42 $2.5M - Nearing the $90M mark. Huge hit for the suddenly-surging WB, with Man of Steel and Pacific Rim on deck.