Friday, April 19, 2013

The Projector: Cursed Cruise Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: All and all it wasn't the worst of weekends for Mr. Aging Superstar, Tom Cruise. Considering it didn't have the luxury of a 3D upcharge, Oblivion did solid – if unspectacular – business, raking $38M in the face of the nation glued to their TV sets, watching utter insanity unfold in Boston Friday night. Though the sci-fi extravaganza didn't fare so swell with Cinemascore, garnering a B-, a grade much lower than it sounds as most films snare a B+ or better. 42 swung for the fences yet again, dropping just 34% in its second inning behind the Jackie Robinson biopic's sacrosanct A+ Cinemascore.

1. Oblivion $38.1M
2. 42 $18M
3. The Croods $9.5M
4. Scary Movie 5 $6.3M
5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation $5.7M
6. The Place Beyond the Pines $4.7M


Tom Cruise has terrible timing. His last project, Jack Reacher, opened days after the horror in Newtown, and his latest outing, Oblivion, arrives as the nation's focused on the insanity in Boston over the past week as well as the tragedy in Texas. With attention turned elsewhere and interest in the dystopian sci-fi extravaganza already low at best, the weekend forecast for the 50-year-old is appearing to be more bust than boom.
  1. Oblivion $35M - With a budget north of $120M, the graphic novel-gone-cinematic experience is going to lean heavily on its international haul. Can Cruise deliver a hit?
  2. 42 $19M - With its A+ Cinemascore, the Jackie Robinson biopic will continue to round the bases for weeks behind stellar word of mouth.
  3. The Croods $10M - Crosses the $150M mark this weekend – $400M worldwide – with word a sequel is in the works. The most entertaining movie of 2013 thus far.
  4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation $6M - Closing in on $300M worldwide.
  5. The Place Beyond the Pines $5.5M - The Dream Team combo of Gosling/Cooper take their expansive, ambitious-to-a-fault drama wide, motorbiking into 1500+ theaters after its snail-like rollout.