Friday, April 12, 2013

The Projector: Cameo Comeback Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: A home run with a pair of runners on base, darn close to a grand slam. That's the weekend 42 just had in baseball terms. Few – including Warner Bros. – had the Jackie Robinson biopic breaking the $20M barrier, but just like the man who wore the number, 42 smashed expectations with $27.2M and its legs are guaranteed thanks to a crazy-rare A+ Cinemascore. Scary Movie 5 got hit with the Lohan hex as the horror-spoof franchise banked a ghastly $15.1M, nearly a third what it's '06 predecessor did in its opening frame. Next weekend is all about Oblivion, can the Tom Cruise-headlined sci-fi extravaganza top the $50M plateau?

1. 42 $27.2M
2. Scary Movie 5 $15.1M
3. The Croods $13.2M
4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation $10.8M
5. Evil Dead $9.5M


Guess who's back on the big screen this weekend? LINDSAY FREAKING LOHAN! Now this may seriously mess with your mind: It's been three years since her last appearance in a motion picture, a blink-and-you-missed-it role in 2010's Machete. You have to go way back to '07 for the "starlet's" last headlining role, the religiously-revered I Know Who Killed Me. Now don't get frantically excited over the ex-con's return, it's only a cameo in the now fifth incarnation of the très-profitable Scary Movie franchise. But with Lohan's career in tatters, it's akin to a marquee-sharing project with Ryan Gosling.

  1. Scary Movie 5 $23M - While its prior installment back in '06 went for $40M in its opening frame, the fifth edition will be thrilled to rake half that figure.
  2. 42 $16.5M - The Jackie Robinson biopic takes the plate with a full count as baseball flicks rarely do big business. Success will depend largely on adult auds, as young folk are more familiar with David Robinson than Jackie Robinson. And they don't watch baseball.
  3. The Croods $16M - With a diminutive 20% drop last weekend, the cave-dwelling Neanderthals have now stashed nearly $350M worldwide with zero family-film competition arriving until Epic in late May.
  4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation $12.5M - Roadblock, Snake Eyes and uh, two of the other Joes have bazooka-ed big bank, crossing the $100M mark stateside this weekend. $200M+ overseas.
  5. Evil Dead $11M - After a slashing start, the cursed-cabin gorefest falls off the fiscal cliff in weekend number two, but plans for a sequel are well underway.
Also: Renowned directors Danny Boyle and Terrence Malick serve up their latest works in Trance and To the Wonder — one is mesmerizing, the other, pure misery.