Friday, March 22, 2013

The Projector: Stone Age Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation is set for a long, robust run at the box office with The Croods after a healthy $44.7M opening frame. That trumps the debut of another kid-fishing-from-the-moon smash, 2010's How to Train Your Dragon, which raked $217M stateside, with an additional $277M overseas. As anticipated, the immensely entertaining Neolithic offering received an 'A' Cinemascore, ensuring strong word-of-mouth and huge weekday hauls with spring break underway throughout much of the country. Olympus Has Fallen was more muscular than even its distributor, FilmDistrict, anticipated with a stout $30.5M. Admission was denied as the laughless Tina Fey and Paul Rudd "comedy" managed a measly $6.4M. Spring Breakers baked with $5M in 1,100 theaters.

1. The Croods $44.7M
2. Olympus Has Fallen $30.5M
3. Oz: The Great and Powerful $22M
4. The Call $8.7M
5. Admission $6.4M
6. Spring Breakers $5M


With the back of every last bus in Boston sporting their Neolithic mugs, The Croods comes into this weekend with utter saturation in the awareness of arrival department. We haven't seen a hugely successful CGI-animated flick since Wreck-It Ralph debuted with $49M in early November – over four months ago. That void in the kiddie market will be a boon for DreamWorks, who desperately needs a hit after the floppage of Rise of the Guardians.
  1. The Croods $47M - It's the most entertaining movie of the year thus far and perched to crush it at the cash register. With spring break underway across much of the country, its weekday receipts will be robust as well.
  2. Oz the Great and Powerful $20M - With $153M banked stateside through Wednesday, Disney would have you believe the wizard is nothing but wonderful. But how does the Mouse House respond to this factoid: Alice in Wonderland raked $226M in the same number of days.
  3. Olympus Has Fallen $16M - The first of two "The White House has been taken over by terrorists" movies this year. Betting the Channing Tatum version does more business.
  4. The Call $8.5M - The Halle Berry thriller blistered expectations and should have one more decent weekend before the line goes dead.
  5. Spring Breakers $8M - A week after putting up an astronomical per-theater average at three locations, the sensationally-stylized sleezefest expands to 1,100 houses and bask in the glory of its off-the-hizzy buzz.
  6. Admission $7.5M - If you seriously enjoy staring at a screen stone-faced, by all means check out Tina Fey's academic dramedy.