Friday, March 1, 2013

The Projector: Jacked Up Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: Jacked up it was. With a reported budget north of $190M, Jack the Giant Slayer had a brutal opening frame, worse than Disney's much derided John Carter. Why Warner Bros. chose this weekend will forever be a mystery as their execs could clearly see the title: Oz the Great and Powerful on the "Coming (really) Soon" marquee. 2013 has been nightmarish thus far for the WB with one fail after another: Gangster Squad, Beautiful Creatures, Bullet to the Head and now this. The suits in Burbank eagerly await May when The Great Gatsby drops followed by The Hangover Part III, with tentpoles Man of Steel and Pacific Rim right behind. The latter two could do a combined $600M+ stateside.

1. Jack the Giant Killer $28M
2. Identity Thief $9.7M
3. 21 and Over $9M
4. The Last Exorcism Part II $8M
5. Snitch $7.7M


Bad timing Jack. Climbing in the shadow of the infinitely more buzzed about Oz the Great and Powerful will likely lead to a nasty fall for the Warner Bros. 3D CGI fantasy. The $190M-ish re-envisioning of the fairy tale isn't quite hip enough for teens and is too harrowing for the wee lil' ones. Can Jack the Giant Killer top $30M, what John Carter opened with one year ago? Best of luck Jack beating that lowly bar.
  1. Jack the Giant Killer $26M - If this goes as I (and most) expect, Warner Bros. is going to be answering to the inevitable John Carter comparisons. Was originally scheduled to drop last June but pushed back to this dead zone of the moviegoing season.
  2. The Last Exorcism Part II $15M - The original opened to $20M in August of 2010 and these exorcism flicks have a frightening habit of exceeding box office expectations. Its PG-13 rating helps.
  3. 21 and Over $14M - Still having trouble figuring out if this Project X Part 2 or not. Same level of inanity it seems. 
  4. Identity Thief $8.5M - The Melissa McCarthy superstar cementer will cross the $100M barrier this weekend. Straight larceny.
  5. Escape From Planet Earth $7.5M - Keeps the kiddies occupied until DreamWorks' The Croods sets the marketplace ablaze.