Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aboriginal Idol

The Sapphires       Final Cut Score: 83%

Stashing a boatload of likability in its back pocket, The Sapphires is the most affable, innocuous outing ever set in a war zone.

The tale of four aboriginal girls from Down Under forming a girl group is one of those Argo-esque stories – few folks know a lick about the quartet which escaped Supremes-level success but held their own in late 1960s Vietnam.

Touring the war-torn country alongside their goofy manager, Dave Lovelace (the soon-to-be-superstar Chris O' Dowd stealing scene after scene), the ladies (headlined by a Christina Aguilera-voiced Jessica Mauboy) entertain troops and dodge Vietcong bombs while dealing with their own infighting.
The group's "mama bear", Gail (Deborah Mailman), wrestles for creative control with Dave while simultaneously bickering back and forth with her singing sisters – life on the road ain't easy, doubly so inside a theater of war.

The romance that blossoms between Dave and Gail doesn't click - their physical incompatibility alone makes it tough to buy into. Although the mushy stuff serves up the kind of happy ending audiences adore.

Color me charmed.