Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar's Triumphs and Tragedies

79%, 19 for 24, an Oscar-prognostication score that would place me fourth on this list of so-called experts. As I anticipated with my picks, there wasn't a dominant winner – the love spread across the board with Life of Pi taking the overall title with four Oscars. Lincoln - as predicted - was largely a dud, up for 12 trophies, bringing home just two. As for the evening's triumphs and tragedies, away we go.


Ben Affleck - Egregiously omitted in the Best Director category, the Bostonian bagged his second Oscar as the Academy's 5,800-ish voters rectified the situation by awarding Argo Best Picture. Affleck's winning speech was masterful, exhibiting equal parts humility and humor. Much deserved.
Jennifer Lawrence - Katniss may have tripped on her way to the stage after her unsurprising Best Actress win but the 22-year-old recovered beautifully with a quick, self-deprecating quip and a heartfelt acceptance speech. While the once The Bill Engvall Show co-star may not have been my pick for the best actress of 2012, there's zero question she possesses the talent for a very long and very prosperous film career.

Life of Pi - As mentioned off the top, the 3D stunner scored the most statues, and its director, Ang Lee, upset Hollywood icon Steven Spielberg to secure the Taiwan native's second Best Director Oscar. If not Affleck, Lee works in that spot for his exquisite touch on a project previously deemed "unfilmable".

The cast of Les Misérables - The show's zenith was provided by the entire cast of my third favorite film of 2012. Delivering a Dolby Theatre-shaking rendition of the play/film's centerpiece, "One Day More", the Les Miz troupe crushed it, dishing out goosebumps in the process.


Seth MacFarlane - D for dreadful. My generous grade for the Family Guy-showrunner's hosting. His sexist, arguably racist opening monologue/variety show was interminably long with only the Flight sock puppet reenactment a winner. "We Saw Your Boobs"? Hilarious. If you're 15.

Anne Hathaway - If anyone earned the Jaws theme, it was Fantine. Subjecting us to yet another of her breathless, scatterbrained acceptance speeches, Hathaway appears to always be acting.

Silver Linings Playbook - One lone Oscar for the laughless quirkfest of a film. Much deserved.

Kristin Chenoweth - Who hired the annoying-voiced Broadway starlet to host ABC's pre-show? Her interviews were horribly awkward and she couldn't stop injecting herself into the conversation. Thank heavens Chenoweth approved of Hugh Jackman's incandescent performance in Les Miz, that no doubt lessened the sting of losing.