Monday, January 14, 2013

Spinning the Globes

After a smashing start Thursday night in Santa Monica, Ben Affleck's Vindication Tour 2013 set down in Beverly Hills last night and - as I predicted - proceeded to punish the competition once again, landing the one-two punch by taking the top two prizes: Best Director and Best Drama. Yes, the members of the Academy look even more inept this morning, something that undoubtedly makes Affleck giddy with delight. Here are the evening's other takeaways:

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association adores Quentin Tarantino - Tarantino's surprise win for Best Screenplay and Christoph Waltz's less surprising Best Supporting Actor win gives Django Unchained some momentum as it rides towards the Oscars. Waltz has the better shot at winning there, with Lincoln the fave for Original Screenplay.

It's set to be a battle between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence for Oscar's Best Actress trophy - As predicted here, Chastain won the Best Drama Golden Globe, Lawrence took the Best Comedy/Musical trophy. I'm betting Chastain edges Lawrence February 24th.

While Daniel Day-Lewis is the assumed lock for Best Actor, don't discount a Hugh Jackman shocker - He hosted the Oscars, Hollywood loves him and heck, he's so darn likeable, Jackman is going to make it closer than most expect. That and the fact that Day-Lewis already has a pair of Oscars to his name.

Hugh Jackman's wife doesn't much care for Anne Hathaway - During Hathaway's acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, Jackman's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, refused to look at the stage. Instead, she chose to turn her head to the side – never once looking forward while everyone else in the room was. Need visual proof? Take a peek at 1:35 and 1:47 of Hathaway's speech for the (non) look of death.