Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aging's No Joke

This Is 40       Final Cut Score: 70%

Spinning-off the hubby-wife duo from Apatow's 2007 loser-impregnates-a-hot-chick smash Knocked UpThis Is 40 reaffirms - if you were actually questioning - aging sucks.

Teetering between tepidly humorous and totally unfunny, Judd Apatow's crazy long crudefest plays like bits and pieces of a stand-up routine that would get a comedian booed off the stage.
The film follows the daily doings of Debbie (Apatow's real-life wife Leslie Mann) and Pete (go-to everyman Paul Rudd) and their two nondescript daughters (Apatow and Mann's real-life offspring), the older of the pair is obsessed with Lost, your clue this is a period piece.

Pete runs an indie record label and adores the Pixies, Debbie owns a boutique clothing joint that employs Megan Fox solely for her requisite slip-into-a-skimpy-bikini moment, as old dudes gawk slack-jawed at her assets.

With their 40th birthdays encroaching, Debbie lives in an age-frozen-at-38 state of denial, demanding to be left out of the celebration while Pete has his lovey inspect his rectal region, legs in the air, a magnified mirror in place to aid in the hemorrhoid discovery process. Hilarious.

Albert Brooks' role as Rudd's mooch of a dad is pretty much the lone redeeming value. Saddled with triplets in his sixties, Brooks can't figure out which kid is which, constantly screwing up their names. His appearance is a painful reminder of the disrespect he was dealt by the Oscars, failing to recognize the brilliance of his work in Drive.

Imprisoning us in Debbie and Pete's household for a punishing 134 minutes, This Is 40 is tediously long – did Apatow edit out a single frame of film? I'm guessing not when riotous lines like: "Sometimes I wish one of you had a dick" made the cut. Ugh.