Friday, November 16, 2012

The Projector: Stake Through the Heart Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: Katniss > Bella. That's the takeaway from this past weekend as the final Twilight film's opening banked less than The Hunger Games franchise's first. The Cullen crew has nothing to be ashamed of, Breaking Dawn Part 2's $141M opening is eighth best all-time and heck, the final stanza took in an additional $199.6M - let's call it $200M - overseas. Skyfall fell 53% to land in second but it's just $7M from overtaking Quantum of Solace for the title of biggest Bond ever at the box office. After its massive limited opening, Lincoln expanded with a solid take of $21M. Silver Linings Playbook and Anna Karenina followed Lincoln's slow rollout plan but neither came close to matching the 16th president's first weekend $85K per-theater take, with averages of $28K and $19K respectively.

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $141.3M
2. Skyfall $41.5M
3. Lincoln $21M
4. Wreck-It Ralph $18.3M
5. Flight $8.6M


Some four years after the original Twilight arrived at the multiplex, Edward and Bella and the rest of their undead pals return to their coffins - or wherever Stephenie Meyer has them living - this weekend with the release of the final Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Having seen roughly one-third of one of the series' films, I can't say with certainty I'll miss the Cullen clan much, but Summit Entertainment will – the franchise has banked $2.5B (yes, that's a B) worldwide with its first four installments. And this being the stake in the heart for Twilight, I wouldn't expect anything less than another eye-popping opener.
  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $147M - Using Breaking Down Part 1 as the measuring stick, I can't see any possible way the finale rakes less than its predecessor. That would put it in the $140M range but for some reason this time around interest seems to be slightly less feverish. Can it break the $150M mark? The Hunger Games managed that task back in March.
  2. Skyfall $49M - A weekend after Bond's biggest opening, there's nothing to suggest 007's momentum has slowed down. It's the lone actioner in the marketplace, audiences adore it, and let's face facts, adults over the age of 25 have negative interest in anything Twilight-related.
  3. Wreck-It Ralph $20M - It's the last weekend of family domination for the Rampage video game knockoff as DreamWorks' Rise of the Guardians drops next weekend.
  4. Lincoln $15M - After a very healthy limited opening, Steven Spielberg's multiple Oscar nomination lock expands to 1,800 screens as audiences learn the trailer is a bit more action-packed than the actual film.
Also: Silver Linings Playbook - Tied with Beasts of the Southern Wild as the most overrated film(s) of 2012. The bizarre but box office-brilliant pairing of Bradley Cooper and Katniss insures a titanic per-theater take in 16 locales.

Anna Karenina - One of my five Best Director nominees is locked down with Joe Wright's visual masterpiece. Like SLP, a slow rollout ahead of the holidays is the plan.