Friday, October 19, 2012

The Projector: Paranormal Redundancy Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: It turns out moviegoers have a limit to how many times they'll be hoodwinked. Opening $22M lower than its predecessor, Paranormal Activity 4 took the top spot but it's a mountainous 42% slide from the record-setting opening of PA3. Don't weep for Paramount, the film's minuscule budget makes its profitability more than adequate for a PA5. Argo is the big story, dropping a diminutive 15% weekend-to-weekend. The political thriller's electric word of mouth coming through as Ben Affleck's stock soars and his film takes the lead in the Oscar race. And say goodnight to any further attempts to make Tyler Perry an action star, Alex Cross tanked with less than $12M.

  1. Paranormal Activity 4 $30M
  2. Argo $16.5M
  3. Hotel Transylvania $13.5M
  4. Taken 2 $13.4M
  5. Alex Cross $12M


Talk about redundancy. Though we've crept down this path three times prior, Hollywood will never wave off the opportunity to rake some cake cash, regardless of whether there's a shred of necessity to the enterprise. Yes, we're discussing Paranormal Activity 4, a film that is nothing more than a proverbial cash grab. And Paramount execs will undoubtedly be rewarded come Monday morning, sporting Cheshire Cat grins for hoodwinking filmgoers yet again.
  1. Paranormal Activity 4 $41M - It was one year ago that Paranormal Activity 3 set an October record with its insane $52.5M opening. But with this being the third consecutive year with an addition to the ridiculously profitable franchise, audience's appetite is clearly waning. The film's trailers reveal nothing we haven't experienced three times prior and Sinister is still hanging around as a horror alternative.
  2. Argo $13.5M - After a robust opening weekend and an A+ Cinemascore from those who saw the thing, Ben Affleck's Oscar offering is a lock for a strong hold not just this weekend, but for weeks to come.
  3. Hotel Transylvania $12.5M - $105M and counting for the monster mash as Halloween encroaches. How strong has the family flick held? Its two weekend-to-weekend drops have averaged 36%; supernatural staying power.
  4. Alex Cross $11.5M - Tyler Perry takes his comedy routine and applies it to the cop genre; think any of the seven Police Academy films. Hold up, this is a thriller? Madea's playing it straight? Oh my...
  5. Taken 2 $10M - The year's most riotous comedy has laughed its way to $90M stateside and $135M overseas.