Friday, September 14, 2012

The Projector: Defibrillator Edition

Monday UPDATE: I knew Simba, and Nemo you're no Simba. The clown fish couldn't break the $20M mark let alone Simba's $30M from a year ago. The novelty of re-releasing classics in 3D is waning; we'll see what happens with Monsters Inc. in December but Mike and Sulley will have momentum on their side as the film's sequel hits in 2013. The other big story, the record-breaking weekend for The Master. The Paul Thomas Anderson Oscar-certainty raked $730K from all of 5 theaters - a record-breaking per theater average of $145K.
  1. Resident Evil: Retribution $21M
  2. Finding Nemo 3D $17.5M
  3. The Possession $6M
  4. Lawless $4M

Coming off the worst weekend at the box office in over ten years, Hollywood turns to a clown fish to breathe some semblance of life back into the marketplace. It was one year ago that Disney re-released The Lion King with the 3D treatment on the way to an opening weekend of $30M. With Finding Nemo - even though it's been just nine years since its original debut - we're talking about - arguably - the most popular Pixar outing ever. Going with a very Simba-like outcome to what Simba banked for the salt water inhabitants.
  1. Finding Nemo 3D $29M
  2. Resident Evil: Retribution $23M
  3. The Possession $5M
  4. Lawless $3.5M
Also: Arbitrage - The financial thriller debuts on 197 screens but should benefit from strong word of mouth during its slow expansion over the next few weeks. It's Richard Gere's finest outing in ages.