Friday, August 17, 2012

The Projector: Overaged Action Heroes Edition

Monday UPDATE: The second time around wasn't quite as successful as the first for Sly, Arnold and crew as The Expendables 2 banked roughly $8M less than its predecessor opening weekend. The Bourne Legacy dropped to second with $69M total after two weekends - the same number the final Matt Damon-headlined Bourne scored its opening weekend. ParaNorman mistimed its opening by two months and paid for it with just $14M.

1) The Expendables 2 $28.8M
2) The Bourne Legacy $17M
3) ParaNorman $14M
4) The Campaign $13.5M
5) Sparkle $12M


As summer wraps up, this weekend will be the last hurrah for mindless action films as we settle into the fall pattern of critically acclaimed offerings building into Oscar season. But who's not up for one final ride featuring a gaggle of overaged action stars blowing things to oblivion? A couple of years back, Sly, Arnold, Dolph and countless other roided-up (allegedly) dudes went off for $103M at the box office in The Expendables. And now we have the sequel, which may not hit that lofty number but should do roughly the same business the original did opening weekend.

  1. The Expendables 2 ($35M) - Expect this to explode opening weekend and trail off quickly as the novelty of a return to '80s firepower flicks evaporates expeditiously. 
  2. The Bourne Legacy ($16.5M) - As I asserted last week, word of mouth will wreck this Bourne offering. The weekend-to-weekend drop will be precipitous - going with -60% at a minimum. 
  3. ParaNorman ($16M) - Could swap places with Bourne. Buzz seems to be mostly there even if the movie is a massive disappointment.
  4. The Campaign ($14.5M) - Still harping on the mistimed release date but it's the lone comedy in the marketplace and will hold nicely. 
  5. Sparkle ($14M) -Filmgoers curious to see Whitney Houston in her final role will turn out and then this will go poof.
  6. The Odd Life of Timothy Green ($11M) - One of the sweetest family films you'll ever see - even if it borders on sickening.
Also: Cosmopolis - David Cronenberg's futuristic tale of riding around in white limos opens on 3 screens in NYC and LA. My review hits next week but as a tease, just know it's horrible.