Friday, August 10, 2012

The Projector: Bourne Again Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: As feared, the name Bourne proved too irresistible for moviegoers to deny. Those who chose to trash their cash see Universal's franchise reboot gave the thing a Cinemascore grade of 'B', which sounds decent, but anything less than an 'A-' is not fab for long-term prospects. It's a quick fizzle film, The Expendables 2 will wipe it off the map this coming weekend. Solid start for The Campaign as it should hold reasonably well. Total Recall is already toast, dropping 70% in its second weekend.

1) The Bourne Legacy $40.3M
2) The Campaign $27.4M
3) The Dark Knight Rises $19.5M
4) Hope Springs $15.6M
5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days $8.2M


Let's clear something up, the summer movie season is over. While the calendar still says "August", with the Olympics wrapping up, NFL preseason games cranking up and school returning soon, films are starting to fade into the background as evidenced by last weekend's tepid turnout for Total Recall. With the Bourne franchise reboot now upon us, don't expect much to change. While there's a built-in audience ready to roll, once word gets out how dreadfully dull it is, the thing is toast.

  1. The Bourne Legacy ($33M) - Don't blame Jeremy Renner for the mess that is The Bourne Legacy. He doesn't have the superstar status/cache to demand the script overhaul the film is in desperate need of. While it will start strong on Friday, word of mouth will ultimately destroy the reboot and possibly the franchise.
  2. The Campaign ($22M) - Who at Warner Bros. timed the release on this? How do you not push a political comedy to October and get the benefit of quite possibly the most heated presidential race ever? Fail.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises ($19M) - Won't catch its predecessor in total receipts but the Batman finale has banked a rather respectable $700M worldwide and rising.
  4. Hope Springs ($12M) - The one demo that never leaves the pool of ticket buyers: adults. Squarely targeted here.
  5. Total Recall ($11M) - What a colossal disappointment for Columbia. The $150M sci-fi reboot didn't cross the $30M threshold opening weekend. Not quite a John Carter-level disaster but in the same universe.