Friday, August 24, 2012

The Projector: All Bets Off Edition

Monday UPDATE: What a cruddy weekend for Hollywood. Not a one of the new releases cracked the $7 million mark - the end of summer indeed. Hit & Run the biggest shocker in my book, with Bradley Cooper as the marketing centerpiece, the entertaining romp couldn't crack the $5 mil barrier. And no one predicted the Obama-bashing flick to make such a splash. Well, other than Glenn Beck.

1) The Expendables 2 $13.5 million
2) The Bourne Legacy $9.3 million
3) ParaNorman $8.6 million
4) The Campaign $7.4 million
5) The Dark Knight Rises $7.2 million
6) The Odd Life of Timothy Green $7.1 million
7) Premium Rush $6.3 million
8) 2016: Obama’s America $6.2 million
9) Hope Springs $6.0 million
10) Hit & Run $4.7 million


Just when I was set to give Hit & Run the upset win this weekend, came news of its opening day gross: $625K. Yes, that's a "K", not an "M". Granted, it was a Wednesday, but on that same Wednesday, seven other films - none of them new releases - banked more cash. Now there is some solace for Hit & Run, it managed to take down Sparkle - by 5,000 bucks. A very, very, very small victory.
  1. The Expendables 2 ($13M) - The appetite for buff, botoxed (allegedly) '80s superstars turned out to slightly less ravenous than two years ago. Banking some $6M less than its predecessor, Sly and his boys won't come close to topping the first Expendables once the final tally is taken.
  2. The Bourne Legacy ($8.25M) - Still hanging around even if it's the worst big budget film of 2012.
  3. Premium Rush ($8M) - Reasonably decent action flick as Joseph Gordon-Levitt scores his first major studio starring role.
  4. ParaNorman ($7.5M) - Like my level of excitement for the film itself, opening weekend was tepid.
  5. The Campaign ($6.5M) - Will surpass $60M by Sunday. None too shabby.
  6. Hit & Run ($6M) - I'm blaming the marketing department for the impending weak opening weekend. Man do those commercials look lame. A shame considering the film easily surpassed my low expectations.