Friday, July 13, 2012

The Weekend Projector: Nothing of Note Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: Nothing of note indeed. Ice Age: Continental Drift went for a hair more than I called but well back of both Madagascar 3 and Brave. Expect it to go extinct much quicker than either of the those family flicks, not just due to CGI animal overload but mainly thanks to Batman sucking every last bit of air out of the box office.

  1. Ice Age: Continental Drift ($46M)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man ($35M)
  3. Ted ($22M)
  4. Brave ($11M)
  5. Magic Mike ($9M)
Welcome to the oddest weekend of the year - if not the past five. Smack dab in the middle of summer, there's just one new release this weekend - unheard of. Then again, getting sandwiched between a pair of superheroes isn't exactly the spot you want to find yourself in - unless you happen to be a 180-degree counter-programming option. Enjoy your week of semi-attention Ice Age because a total box office eclipse is coming next weekend as the Batman signal soars into the sky.

  1. Ice Age: Continental Drift ($41M) - Raise your hand if you had any earthly idea there've been three prior installments of the Ice Age franchise. Clearly the weakest of the 3D family fests this summer but as the lone new option for consumption, the extinct beasts should do decent business.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man ($33M) - After nine days, the webslinger has bagged $160M stateside. For comparison, The Avengers banked $342M in its first nine days. Now I realize that six superheroes clearly outnumber one but Spidey's numbers are not nearly as impressive as Sony's attempted spin-job of said numbers.
  3. Ted ($19M) - My repeated comparisons to The Hangover have proven to be quite valid - through its first two weekends, the swearing bear has stashed $119M away, $15M more than The Hangover scored over the same time frame. If the trend continues, a $200M+ total is well within Teddy's sights.
  4. Brave ($10M) - Granted, Cars 2 wasn't Pixar's finest hour but Princess Merida is closing in on overtaking Lightning McQueen's second outing in the cash department. Needs less than $20M to top Cars 2 total B.O. take.
  5. Savages ($9M) - Blake Lively's movie career got a nice little bump after a reasonably impressive opening given the competition - even if it should have been released in September rather than July.
Also: Beasts of the Southern Wild - the most overrated movie of 2012 expands to more cities as audiences lose all faith in myopic movie critics, who are hailing the artistic hunk of junk as "genius".