Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sluggish in Seattle

Your Sister's Sister       WWW Score: 75%

The world of filmdom doesn't get more indie than a flick that features Seattle as its setting. The city of coffee, flying fish and Subarus on every street corner serves as the starting spot for Your Sister's Sister, a tepidly entertaining yack fest that's receiving just a tad too much love for its own good.

Centered around thirty-something slacker Jack (Mark Duplass, a swooped-hair poor man's hybrid of Aaron Eckhart and Jason Segel) and his gal pal Iris (Emily Blunt in her typical charming mode), both of them coming to terms with the loss of Jack's brother, who just so happened to be Iris' boyfriend. Any guess where this is heading?

Hitching a ferry to Iris' family's island home for some alone time, Jack happens upon Iris' sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt subbing for the schedule-conflicted Rachel Weisz), a just-dumped lesbian who - after splitting a bottle of tequilla - jumps in the sack with Jack. In waltzes Iris as the now threesome play out the rest of the film's ever-so-slightly-warped dram-com formula.

Writer/director Lynn Shelton traps us inside the joint to endure a barrage of blah blah blahing as the sisters attempt to reconcile what just went down. Though the exchanges aren't entirely trite, with lines like: "I didn't know you were in love with him!", they're often close enough.

If you're up for a not-by-the-exact-numbers dramedy, you could certainly do worse than My Sister's Sister, but then again, when the heartfelt professions of love and soul-unloading declarations of betterment are emulsified down to mush, all that remains is a swiftly evaporating "run-of-the-mill" residue. Meh.