Friday, June 29, 2012

The Weekend Projector: Swearing Bear Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: Not to gloat but I called it - sort of. I had the swearing teddy bear topping the box office but not setting a record in the process. Ted crushed it to the tune of $54M, the biggest R-rated, non-sequel opening ever. Magic Mike opened massive on Friday night with those packs of women but trailed off to tally $39M - crazy cash all the same. Brave held as expected with $34M but People Like Us got gutted with a paltry $4M.
  1. Ted ($54M)
  2. Magic Mike ($39M)
  3. Brave ($34M)
  4. Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection ($26M)
  5. Madagascar 3 ($12M)

Teens step aside. It's a battle to the death between a foul-mouthed teddy bear and a bunch of strippers at the box office and the winner will be decided by adults. Yeah, that's pretty darn rare. Ted and Magic Mike are fighting for the same age demographic (18-49) with men picking the pot-smoking stuffed animal and women salivating over Channing Tatum in a Speedo. Both are going to rake cash but I'm giving the edge to the Flash Gordon

  1. Ted ($40M) - There's no shortage of awareness for Mark Wahlberg's bromance with the f-bomb bear - media saturation has been achieved. Toss in the fact that the thing is littered with gut-busting laughs thanks to a surprisingly solid screenplay and that's why I'm so bullish on Ted. Here's my B+ review.
  2. Brave ($39M) - Pixar scores yet another #1 opening; 13 in a row. Expect the arrow-slinging princess to stay on target with families for weeks after receiving an 'A' grade from Cinemascore.
  3. Magic Mike ($33M) - Think a Sex in the City scenario here. Packs of women heading out on the town to gawk at a gaggle of dudes sporting only their underwear. Couples will part ways after having their ticket torn in two, women checking out Channing and men meeting up with Mila in Ted.
  4. Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection ($28M) - Madea movies are big business with over $200M banked. More of the same.
  5. Madagascar 3 ($13M) - Will top the $170M mark this weekend.
Also: People Like Us ($5M) - Zero buzz here as Chris Pine counts the days until the Star Trek sequel.