Friday, June 15, 2012

The Weekend Projector: Shirtless Cruise Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: You want epic fails, you got a pair over the weekend. Rock of Ages played to half-full stadiums and That's My Boy became Adam Sandler's worst opening in five years. ROA skewed older and female while Boy drew the under-25 set but not nearly the numbers of last year's historically wretched Jack and Jill - the 'R' rating shutting tweens out. The Afro Circus kept the top spot as Madagascar 3 dropped just 40% weekend-to-weekend but Prometheus tumbled 60% to land in second.

1) Madagascar 3 - $35.5M
2) Prometheus - $20M
3) Rock of Ages - $15M
4) Snow White and the Huntsman - $13.5M
5) That's My Boy - $13M

Tom Cruise singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" sans shirt and rear-end-covering chaps. That's the crux of the sell for Rock of Ages, the hair band-adoring Broadway musical arriving in theaters today. Sure Julianne Hough struts around in shorts that border on non-existent and Alec Baldwin sports a mullet but Cruise is key to ROA's box office pull or its poison. I'm going with a haul somewhere between a Def Leppard concert tour and one featuring Warrant.

  1. Madagascar 3 ($33M) -That family film void proved to be as vast as predicted - the "Afro Circus" packed 'em in at precisely the figure predicted here one week ago.
  2. Rock of Ages ($32M) - For every Broadway musical that killed it at the B.O. like Mamma Mia! ($144M), there's a Phantom of the Opera ($51M). ROA's aforementioned star wattage should equate to a very respectable opening.
  3. That's My Boy ($27M) - Man does this look wretched even by Adam Sandler standards. Don't expect that to keep clueless moviegoers from buying a ticket.
  4. Prometheus ($24M) - Solid debut for the sci-fi spectacle but not as large as some/I thought. The 'R' rating coupled with reviews all over the map didn't aid the take. Shockingly just 54% of folks who bought a ticket opted for the glorious 3D version - massive mistake.
  5. Snow White and the Huntsman ($14M) - Has quietly banked $100M+ in its first two weeks. Mirror, Mirror openly weeps.