Friday, June 22, 2012

The Weekend Projector: Plucky Princess Edition UPDATE

Monday UPDATE: Make it 13 straight #1 openings for Pixar as Brave topped the $60M mark and scored an 'A' grade from audiences in the process. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter bombed at $16.5M but its reported $70M budget lessens the sting for Fox, who lost won a bidding war for the mashup mess. Madagascar 3 raked another $20M as the Afro Circus has banked $157M to date. Steve Carell's indie apocalypse offering Seeking a Friend for the End of the World got mustard gassed with a paltry $3.8M.

1) Brave - $66.7M
2) Madagascar 3 - $20.2M ($157M total)
3) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - $16.5M
4) Prometheus - $10M ($108M total)
5) Rock of Ages - - $8M ($29M)
6) Snow White and the Huntsman - $8M ($137M)
7) That's My Boy - $7.9M ($28M total)
8) The Avengers - $7M ($598M total)
9) Men in Black 3 - $5.6M ($163M total)
10) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - $3.8M


Over the past 10 years, there's been just one Pixar release that didn't rake $60M or more opening weekend. Guesses? Yep, Ratatouille. With Brave, Pixar faces another uphill battle: will adults go see it in equal numbers as the kiddos? That recipe of all-inclusion has been key to the hopping lamp company's substantial string of successes which may run into a slight roadblock this weekend.
  1. Brave ($55M) - Families are all in but I'm not so sure about those sans offspring. Also muddying the waters: the boatload of cash that Madagascar 3 removed from the family movie funds. Here's my A- review.
  2. Madagascar 3 ($19.5M) - Speaking of the Afro Circus, Brave is finally going to put a big time dent in its weekend take but with $135M in the bank in just two weeks, studio execs are quietly plotting a fourth outing.
  3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ($19M) - Who the heck is this historical mashup train wreck for? Teens who are utterly captivated by our nation's 16th President? Young adults who long to see vampires get axed in the skull? All I know is I want none of it and I'm pretty sure the rest of the moviegoing public with me.
  4. Prometheus ($11M) - Not what Fox had hoped for Ridley Scott's return to space as it finally just crossed the $100M mark. Another Alien prequel is coming but selling it is nowhere near a slam dunk.
  5. Rock of Ages ($8M) - It seems that only Gen-Xers had interest in the '80s hairband revival, even if Tom Cruise is a lock for a Golden Globe nomination.