Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Weekend Projector: April Blahs Edition

How can you not love Jason Segel. With hearty apologies to 'I Love You, Man' co-star Paul Rudd, Segel is Hollywood's current "everyman" king. Aside from that 2009 film, Segel's sample size of leading man roles is miniscule. Toss 'The Muppets' out - while Segel was the creative force behind its brilliance, Kermit and crew drove the box office.

Segel's second shot at leading man status arrives this weekend with 'The Five-Year Engagement' but it amounts to nothing more than a diversion in what will be a weak weekend. The calm before 'The Avengers' Cat 5 hurricane.

  1. The Five-Year Engagement ($19M) - If this were made five years ago, it would have starred Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston and been titled 'The Break-Up'.
  2. Think Like a Man ($16.5M) - Benefited immeasurably from Turtle's - fine, Jerry Ferrara's - casting. Easily added an additional $10K to the $33M take.
  3. The Pirates! Band of Misfits ($14M) - Due to the dearth of family flicks in the marketplace, the puffy-faced Hugh Grant-voiced animated extravaganza outperforms expectations.
  4. The Lucky One ($12M) - The oh-so dreamy Zac Efron's career just got an upgrade - his agent agrees to send Nicholas Sparks a hefty cut of all future profits.
  5. The Raven ($10.5M) - Nic Cage wasn't available?
  6. Safe ($10M) - Jason Statham strikes again in the same movie he's made 15 times prior.