Friday, March 30, 2012

The Weekend Projector

Saturday AM UPDATE: 'The Hunger Games' was due for a decline but -60% is slightly more steep than expected. THG is on track for a $60M weekend and a total take of around $250M come Sunday. 'Wrath of the Titans' is seriously weak at $32M - roughly half what the first 'Titans' did opening weekend. 'Mirror Mirror' is going down as another dud for Julia Roberts - $23M. '21 Jump Street' banking another $14M.

Man alive was 'Clash of the Titans' a migraine-inducer. Attempting to capitalize on the 3D extravaganza, the film's producers slapped some shoddy 3D on the thing at the last moment, making for a head-splittingly painful experience. As the sequel now arrives, take solace in the knowledge that the 3D experience is "organic" this go around.

  1. The Hunger Games ($70M) - After crushing cash to the tune of the third biggest opening ever ($152.5M), THG continued to kill it during the week. Katniss and crew raked another $29M from Monday to Wednesday - proof that word of mouth is strong and cash registers will rock for weekend #2.
  2. Wrath of the Titans ($42M) - Here's a shocker: 'Clash' banked $163M at the BO - hitting theaters as the 3D trend was in its infancy. Perseus won't be quite so lucky this go around thanks to THG's staying power.
  3. Mirror Mirror ($24M) - There's zero buzz for this Snow White retread and that's not good news for Julia Roberts. The 44-year-old has had a rough go of late, aside from her ensemble films ('Valentine's Day, 'Ocean's') not a one she's headlined has crossed the $100M mark since 'Erin Brockovich' way back in 2000.
  4. 21 Jump Street ($14M) - Sony is fast-tracking the sequel - $76M through three weekends.
Also: The Raid: Redemption - The electrifyingly frenetic action flick expands after opening with an impressive $16K per theater average - it's a shot of adrenaline like nothing else out there.