Friday, March 16, 2012

The Weekend Projector UPDATE

UPDATE: The '21 Jump Street' boys are banking cash as expected - reports have it around $35M for the weekend. 'The Lorax' at $27M. 'John Carter' with a 60% drop to $13M.

A sign that you're seriously aged? When TV shows from your youth become fodder for the big screen. While I would have been more stoked to see a re-envisioning of the epic Richard Grieco-spinoff 'Booker', word is that '21 Jump Street' is pretty darn funny. The rest of the new slate of flicks is essentially non-existent so look for team Tatum & Hill to clean up with the college set and Gen-Y demo.

  1. 21 Jump Street ($30M) - With Channing Tatum's 'The Vow' still racking up cash ($119M and counting) and Jonah Hill fresh off his well-deserved Oscar nom, the late '80s/early '90s J. Depp drama(dy) gets the "straight cash homie" reboot. Its 'R' rating will temper the take a bit but word-of-mouth should be strong.
  2. The Lorax ($24M) - The treehugger has entered "second-viewing" territory as the lack of a second family option allows the portly environmentalist to crush more cash - $132M thus far.
  3. John Carter ($16M) - It may be an entertaining romp, but the $250M Mars mess will cost Disney big - just $30M opening weekend (although it banked and additional $70M overseas). 
  4. Project X ($4M) - With $43M thus far, Warner Bros. is celebrating a quality profit margin. 
  5. Friends with Kids ($3M) - The wretched indie rom-com expands to 640 screens - moviegoers aren't buying its "just like Bridesmaids" marketing - wise call.
  6. Casa De Mi Padre ($3M) - Will Ferrell's Spanish-language experiment is going to be a nasty tough sell - hence the super-small theater count.