Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekend Projector *UPDATE*

UPDATE: Disney's fears are being realized as 'John Carter' is going to top out around $30M for the weekend - we'll see how largely positive word of mouth affects the final numbers. 'Silent House' is well off expectations with just $7M - audiences apparently hated the ending even more than I did. 'The Lorax' continues to bank green with $40M+ in its second weekend. Eddie Murphy is *shockingly* tanking yet again - this time miming it in.

Jump on the nearest flying Ski-Doo, 'John Carter' soars into theaters today. Yes, it's cheesy - yes, it's pulpy but so was the 80s epic 'Flash Gordon'. Now the Mouse House finds out if the $250M experiment goes all 'Waterworld' at the box office.

  1. John Carter ($46M) - Reviews are all over the map for the red planet-set fantasy but bottom line: it's a fun little romp that's infinitely less pretentious than 'Avatar'. I expect word of mouth will benefit the B.O. and push the take further than most predict. That said, 'Carter' could easily find itself in the $20-30M range.
  2. The Lorax ($45M) - Should be a strong hold for the handlebar-mustached treehugger coming off the biggest opening frame ever for a non-sequel animated film.
  3. Silent House ($18M) - Scary movie followers should flood theaters for the "one-take wonder" but exit feeling they were taken.
  4. Project X ($10M) - Having the man behind 'The Hangover' "involved" was a hit with the teen demo.
  5. A Thousand Words ($8M) - Someone hand Eddie Murphy the script to a super-edgy 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' so we can be spared another of these abominations.
  6. Friends with Kids ($6M) - Don't believe the studio's marketing, this is not the sequel to 'Bridesmaids' - it's insufferably painful to sit through.