Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekend Projector

This could very well be a massive weekend at the box office. The stumpy orange treehugger known as the Lorax waddles into theaters on the back of an outrageously overblown marketing campaign. The Rollie Fingers-mustached thingy is hawking everything from IHOP flapjacks to the "Truffula approved" Mazda CX-5 - apparently it's a "green" gas guzzler. Toss in the much buzzed 'Project X' to the mix and we could see two flicks crushing big cash.

  1. The Lorax ($48M) - Been a bit of a dry spell waiting for the next 3D-CGI extravaganza but that ends today with Mr. "I Speak for the Trees" setting down on-screen. The team behind the delightful 'Despicable Me' run the show but they turn one of Dr. Seuss' finest fables into an overblown and hyper-extended annoyance.
  2. Project X ($20M) - How's this for twisted marketing: "From Producer Todd Phillips the Director of The Hangover". So Phillips wasn't interested enough to direct it but was willing to tack his name on the "project" for an undoubtedly massive cut of the profits - got it.
  3. Act of Valor ($12M) - The SEAL recruitment film raked large last weekend but it's one of those front-loaded flicks - the ammo is getting depleted faster than an M4 carbine.
  4. Tyler Perry's Good Deeds ($8M) - Opened roughly $5M less than expected.
  5. Safe House ($7M) - Surpassed the $100M plateau on Wednesday - Denzel = guaranteed bank.