Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weekend Projector: Hunger Games Edition UPDATE

Sunday UPDATE: 'The Hunger Games' struck platinum with $155M - the third largest opening ever.
Saturday AM UPDATE: Katniss, Peeta and the remaining denizens of District 12 are divvying up a bonus loaf of bread this morning after 'The Hunger Games' gashed the BO for $68M on Friday (including a massive $19.75M for its midnight shows). That puts THG on pace for $135M+ weekend smashing the previous record for biggest opening by a non-sequel ('Alice in Wonderland' at $116M). Add in the fact that the under-18 set gave the thing an 'A+' grade (graded on a curve based on what I saw on screen) the folks at Lionsgate are doing cartwheels and shall be in celebratory mode again when the outrageously insane 'The Cabin in the Woods' does some damage at the BO in three weeks.

Since the moment this pic of Jennifer Lawrence emerged on the cover of EW last May, we have been building toward a monstrous opening for 'The Hunger Games'. The thing is smashing Fandango advance sales records and Katniss and crew been utterly unavoidable for the past couple of weeks - from GMA to Letterman - media saturation has been achieved in spades. But will the hype result in a BO bonanza? If you're a betting man - put the mortgage in the pot.

  1. The Hunger Games ($130M) - Confession: I base all of my movie money predictions on how things are trending in Winona, Minnesota. And seeing as THG just set a new midnight screening sales record at the world famous Winona 7, I am setting the line at just under 'New Moon' money - crushing cash indeed. (Here's my C- review)
  2. 21 Jump Street ($24M) - Word of mouth is ridiculously strong for this apparently hilarious reboot. Add in the flood of folks shutout of THG making the jump into a '21' showing and we have a hefty hold.
  3. The Lorax ($14M) - Still planting a plethora of Truffula seeds - $163M and counting.
  4. John Carter ($6M) - Disney's biggest bomb ever - going to cost the Mouse House $200M in the red.
  5. The Raid: Redemption ($2M) -The Indonesian sensation is amongst the most hyper-kinetic flicks I've ever seen - my stellar review coming next week.
Predictions posted at 6:45am - ahead of THG's initial midnight numbers.