Friday, February 3, 2012

The Weekend Projector

Down the hole the super-powered teens go - what their film 'Chronicle' opens with nobody knows. It's got big time buzz, it's got solid reviews, it's got a massive teen audience that should spring to see the thing, but it's also got one major issue to deal with - the Super Bowl. Seeing as movie theaters will be ghost towns come kickoff - the flick will need to kill it Friday and Saturday to have the soaring weekend I'm forecasting.

  1. Chronicle ($30M) - Going out on a ledge (not the same lame one Sam Worthington is standing on) and predicting this sci-fi thriller is going to crush it. Considering it was shot for $15M - the production budget could be recouped by Friday night. Shockingly, I found the thing to be rather entertaining.
  2. The Woman in Black ($13M) - Daniel Radcliffe attempts to shatter Harry's specs with some toned-down 'PG-13' scares. Wise move to keep the 'R' tag off this as the less restrictive rating allows Potter fans to buy a ticket.
  3. The Grey ($11M) - As expected, Liam Neeson continued his quite successful action movie superstar stint with a strong $20M opening. Adult audiences should continue to churn cash on a consistent basis for a few more weeks.
  4. Big Miracle ($9M) - It's Drew Barrymore and that guy from 'The Office' in a family flick that looks awfully similar to 'Dolphin Tale' only with whales. Given the fact that it's been just weeks since 'Dolphin Tale' was in theaters - going to be tough sledding.
  5. One For the Money ($5M) - That 'Living Social' promotion paid off as the female edition of 'The Bounty Hunter' outperformed and bought Katherine Heigl at least one more starring role in a motion picture.