Monday, February 27, 2012

That's An Oscars Wrap

If you were looking for major upsets at the Kodak Theatre Hollywood and Highland Center last night, there were precious few to be had. It was 'The Artist' versus 'Hugo' showdown as expected with both films raking five Oscars. (As predicted) Hugo cleaned up with its slew of technical awards - Martin Scorsese's fantastical visual feast justly rewarded. Here's my take on the evening's proceedings:

  • Kudos to the Academy for getting 'Best Actress' right - Meryl Streep's transformation into Margaret Thatcher was the most transcendent performance of 2011. Viola Davis was magnificent - Streep was incandescent.
  • Conversely, the Academy missed the opportunity to properly hand George Clooney his second Oscar. Clooney was peerless amongst his competition - his hospital room monologue to his comatose wife in 'The Descendants' is nothing short of a master class in acting.
  • Thankfully my fears 'In Darkness' would rob the 'Best Foreign Language Film' trophy from 'A Separation' were erased. The Iranian drama would have been a worthy 'Best Picture' nomination.
  • You can accuse me of beating the proverbial dead horse but one lone Oscar nomination for 'Drive' is feloniously criminal. There is positively no question that it's in the discussion for the finest film of 2011. Trust me - it will one day be widely acknowledged as a classic.
  • Credit to the Academy for handing 'The Muppets' their deserving Oscar. One slight problem - it was for the wrong song - 'Life's a Happy Song' is the film's very soul.
  • Doling out a 'B' to Billy Crystal as host of the proceedings - he felt a bit dated at times but offered the same kind of comfort as that pair of shredded jeans you refuse to toss out.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen's act has been woefully tired since 'Borat' exited - be gone with you.