Friday, January 27, 2012

The Weekend Projector

The malaise that enveloped the box office at the close of 2011 has officially been declared deceased - the first three weekends of 2012 have produced over $500M in receipts and that's without a single tentpole flick in the bunch. The trend will continue again this weekend as Hollywood's oldest newest action hero takes on a pack of razor-fanged canis lupus(es).

  1. The Grey ($20M) - It was nearly three years ago to the day that Liam Neeson became something no one ever envisioned - an action movie superstar. A film with zero expectations, 'Taken', opened to $24M and went on to rake $145M at the BO. At that moment, Liam became a "badass" at the tender age of 56. This go around the Irishman takes on a pack of man-eating wolves after a plane crash leaves a gaggle of guys fending for survival.
  2. Underworld Awakenings ($13M) - The latex-clad Kate Beckinsale and her pair of pistols performed quite admirably in their opening frame and as the lone teen and fanboy draw in the multiplex, it will do decent business yet again.
  3. Red Tails ($10M) - Kudos to Cuba Gooding Jr. for his big screen comeback that racked more cash in its opening weekend than the 100+ that went direct-to-DVD over the past decade.
  4. One for the Money ($6M) - Now we know why Katherine Heigl wants to return to Grey's Anatomy - this is essentially the female version of the eye-rollingly awful 'The Bounty Hunter'.
  5. Man on a Ledge ($6M) - Hey, it's that guy from 'Avatar' and he's on a ledge! No amount of promotion will change the fact that there's zero buzz for this dreck.
  6. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ($6M) - The Academy's gift allows Sandy and Tom to stay in theaters longer than anyone anticipated.