Friday, January 20, 2012

The Weekend Projector

The only thing askew (Google that word for some fun) with the pic to the left - the glorification of guns. It's the exact same issue I had with the Angelina Jolie pic 'Wanted'. While level-headed adults can largely handle it - I have serious reservations about teens who undoubtedly will pack the theaters to see Underworld Awakening - even saddled with the 'R' rating.

  1. Underworld Awakening ($27M) - The glorious Kate Beckinsale returns for the fourth vampire v werewolves violence-athon. The last edition shot up $21M in its opening frame but the void of escapist fantasy flicks of late and the 3D format pushes the take up a tick.
  2. Beauty and the Beast 3D ($14M) - Remains the lone family movie on the slate which prevents it from taking much of a tumble in its second stanza.
  3. Contraband  ($13M) - Massive opening for Mr. "I'd Stop 9/11" and his on-screen wife Ms. Beckinsale. Calcifying hope that the late 2011 lull at the box office is already a distant memory.
  4. Red Tails ($12M) - Cuba Gooding Jr. in a movie that didn't go direct-to-DVD?!? Skeet Ulrich just fired his agent.
  5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ($9M) - Hoping for some Golden Globes love - Sandra and Tom didn't get a single nomination and they should expect the same from the Oscars. Whether it is or is not a 9/11 movie - audiences perceive it as that.
  6. Haywire ($8M) - Should be an entertaining movie if only because Steven Soderbergh allegedly overdubbed the lead actress' lines because her voice was a distraction