Monday, January 2, 2012

The Week 17 MMLT

Week 17's drama usually comes in the form of teams clawing for a playoff spot but an essentially meaningless game was the story - nearly 1000 yards through the air - 96 points on the board - and one MVP trophy headed south to New Orleans. What Matt Flynn did on Sunday - setting Packers records with 480 yards passing and 6 TDs - made Aaron Rodgers ridiculous season appear to be more about those around him rather than about him. Not to say that Rodgers isn't one of the best QBs in football but first Favre, then Rodgers, now a 7th round pick not exactly known for airing it out at LSU - proving what we all suspected - Green Bay has the most potent offensive weapons in the NFL.

  • New Orleans is peaking at precisely the proper time - crushing Carolina on Sunday with the hottest QB in football, new passing king Drew Brees. One problem - the Saints third worst passing defense is now set to face the Lions Matt Stafford - fresh off his 520 yard, 5 TD blitzing of Green Bay's worst passing defense.
  • Want an upset for next weekend - Cincinnati over Houston. The Texans and Broncos are the two weakest teams in the playoffs and the Bengals with their top 10 defense and young but potent offense can definitely stroll out of Texas with a win.
  • CBS is stoked to have Denver backing into the playoffs - yes, it's one-and-done with the Steelers the opposition but the Tim Tebow story can live for one more week - and more than likely not much longer than that.
  • Indy's loss was arguably bigger than any win on Sunday - grabbing Peyton Manning's successor, Andrew Luck, is now a lock.
  • It's time for the Cowboys to punt Tony Romo. While it may not be entirely Romo's fault that Dallas is playoff-free yet again - he's simply incapable of carrying a team on his back in the big games.
  • Mark Sanchez had best be ready for competition come next fall - failing to get into the playoffs is inexcusable for a team with the Jets' talent level.
  • Tampa will have fired Raheem Morris by the time you read this. Yes, the Bucs far exceeded expectations last season but their embarrassing collapse (losing their final 10 games by an average of 18 points) and Josh Freeman's regression this season will result in a new coach next season.