Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rev Up the 5.0

It was saddled with an unfavorable mid-September release date - when movies take a backseat to school, football and life in general. Considering 'Drive' raked $35M at the box office, it wasn't exactly a dud but the modern-day classic is deserving of at least double that take. FilmDistrict mistimed things - it should have unleashed the masterpiece in December when the majority of award-worthy flicks flood the multiplex. The jobbing it was handed by the Academy is as inexcusable as any of recent note - unfathomable. If you missed it first go around - slam down the accelerator - its genius is on display today as 'Drive' debuts on DVD and On Demand. Any questions about its brilliance will be quashed upon watching the spellbindingly-stylized opening title sequence: