Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Multiplex Projector

Don't bother with the traditional calendar - Christmas comes today for teen & tween boys girls as the beginning of the end of one of the most profitable film series ever swallows up 75% of the screens of a multiplex near you:

  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 ($140M) - It's been 17 months since Bella, Edward & Jacob were last in theaters crushing cash to the tune of $157M in 'Eclipse's' first 5 days. What makes this go around a bit different - 'Eclipse' opened on a Wednesday which makes comparisons not so clear cut. For a direct comparison, head back to 'New Moon' in 2009 - it raked in $143M in the same release spot. While this will come close to that number - no way it tops HP7 Part Two's $169M 3-day record.
  2. Happy Feet Two ($30M) - Unlucky timing for the Emperor Penguin - 'Puss In Boots' took a ton of cash out of the family movie funds leaving much less for the Antarctic-set sequel. It's 3D - it's IMAX - just like 'Puss' - a month later.
  3. The Immortals ($19M) - Check last week's MP prediction - nailed it on this '300' clone.
  4. Puss In Boots ($14M) - Taking cash straight from Happy's coffers.
  5. Jack and Jill ($10M) - If word of mouth is as key to a film's second weekend as it's purported to be - I'd put this at $0M but sadly, some folks simply refuse to reject Adam Sandler and his rash of recent abominations.
  6. The Descendants ($9M) - George Clooney is brilliant in the best assembled-for-adults movie since 'The Social Network' - read my review down the page.
  7. J. Edgar ($8M) - Not a stellar opening for Clint and Leo but movies for adults are slow-burners - ask Clooney about 'Ides of March' -  66% of 'Edgar's' audience was over 50 - insane number.