Friday, November 11, 2011

The Multiplex Projector

The state of malaise that has enveloped the box office of late (receipts down 25% year-to-year last weekend) should lift a tick this weekend but not nearly to the extent that Hollywood would prefer:

  1. The Immortals ($37M) - Seeing as a sequel to '300' is an impossibility due to Gerard Butler's refusal to lose his gut the slaughtering of those 300 - the producers of that film have decided to carry on by simply swapping out the warring factions and ever so slightly easing off the "graphic novel" aspect. But while '300' opened to a massive $70M - this will be happy with half that.
  2. Puss In Boots ($25M) - The pussy cat claws on with no other family films up for a fight - the flick's miniscule 3% drop last weekend is nearly historical.
  3. Jack and Jill ($24M) - For the love of God - please make Adam Sandler this abomination vanish - quickly.
  4. J. Edgar ($15M) - It has a movie star for the lead and a legend behind the camera but biopics aren't exactly box office gold - at least not opening weekend. Leo's last go around in a non-fiction role illustrates that nicely - 'The Aviator' opened to $8M but ended up with $102M. (read my J. Edgar review just below)
  5. Tower Heist ($12M) - Eddie Murphy quit as host of the Oscars nearly as quickly as this heap is headed to DVD.
  6. 11-11-11 ($5M) - Not exactly certain what this is - although I'm betting the sequel date is already set.