Friday, November 4, 2011

The Multiplex Projector

Last weekend skewed south thanks to both Halloween and the nasty weather in the Northeast - a crucial region to capture for any flick to have success. With both of those issues no longer in play - expect more of the "expected" this time around:
  1. Puss In Boots ($24M) - The swashbuckling feline was curtailed last weekend by the aforementioned circumstances but expect a minimal drop in business as families that missed opening weekend flock to see the Shrek spinoff.
  2. Tower Heist ($18M) - Eddie Murphy working the "thug version" of Axel Foley aside - good Lord does this star-packed exercise in "cash-grabbing" look wretched. Let's put it this way - I skipped out on the critics screening to rake leaves.
  3. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas ($13M) - Apparently there is a cult fanbase for this franchise - the majority of them live in their parents' basements.
  4. Paranormal Activity 3 ($7M) - Part 4 is already in the works - working title: "PA4: Suckers".
  5. In Time ($5M) - Remember that "this opening is uber important for Timberlake" take? It was and after that tepid opening - he's done as a leading man.
Next weekend is one to watch - The Immortals is aiming for a '300'-type opening and should definitely outperform thanks to the recent void of "teen testosterone" flicks.