Friday, October 28, 2011

The Multiplex Projector

Slight tweek on this franchise's name just as Dreamworks unleashes an uber-profitable new one:
  1. Puss in Boots ($55M) - Seeing as the Shrek films have raked in roughly 3 billion bucks worldwide - spinning-off Puss is a brilliant marketing move that's getting a serious jump on the holiday cash by opening this far out. Last year, Megamind opened to $46M in early November - Puss is roughly 99.7% more bankable that that flick was. It's 3D - it's IMAX - it's going to crush it at the box office for weeks. (read my B+ review below)
  2. Paranormal Activity 3 ($30M) - Paramount deserves major props for unleashing this two weekends before Halloween. It set the October opening record last weekend and will again see massive business this Halloween weekend. Word-of-mouth is reasonably strong and there are no other horror options.
  3. In Time ($11M) - Justin Timberlake has yet to have a smash at the box office (no, ShrekThe Social Network don't count) and this seen-it-all-before sci-fi creation won't be changing that streak. Important opening weekend for JT - the results could have studios seriously questioning casting him as a lead ever again.
  4. Real Steel ($8M) - We have an upset in the four hole - a now stale Jackman over a fresh Depp.
  5. The Rum Diary ($7M) - Can't see any interest in this beyond Johnny Depp - trailers are meant to inspire you to plunk down your cash not question if that's the best you've got.
Also of note - after selling out nearly every showing last weekend in LA and NYC - Martha, Marcy May, Marlene expands to the top 10 markets. A slow-burning, unnerving thriller featuring an Oscar-worthy performance that will continue to build buzz until Oscar season - my A- review is down the page.